Dear Sir,

As you know we have recently had occasion to avail ourselves of your services to help with the problems we were having, with what we were led to believe was a leaky house. As you will remember, a building inspector who carried out an inspection on behalf of a prospective buyer was between 75 and 120% incorrect with his moisture readings , and also recommended that some outside cladding be removed as it had been incorrectly fixed.

Luckily we heard of your company and had you install your probe system, which proved scientifically that the readings established by the earlier hand held detection system were in fact grossly inaccurate. You also established that the cladding was fixed in accordance with the building code at the time it was fixed, thus obviating the necessity for it to be removed.

Having taken the readings you pointed us in the direction of a company who inspected the building and recommended that we carry out, what was in fact over due maintenance, to eradicated what were in fact minor moisture problems. This work was done promptly and from there on your regular readings of the probes proved an even decline in the moisture readings enabling us to market the property again.

The property was sold within six weeks and we are convinced your reports, with the declining moisture readings, and the fact there was a system installed in the house for early detection of any future problems was a major factor in the sale being made. Thank you for all the prompt help you gave us, and we would certainly recommend anyone with problems to avail themselves of your services.

Yours faithfully

Peter B

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