October 1, 2005

To whom it may concern,

Having had several concerns and issues with Auckland City with cladding on a recently finish constructed house we contracted MOISTURE DETECTION to install and monitor moisture probes to the areas of concern to Auckland City.

We were very pleased with Moisture Detection’s prompt response and on going service, their professional help and their ability to respond effectively to Auckland City Council Building Department’s concerns. In effect they were able to prove our alternate solution building techniques complied with the cladding requirements of the building code.

Moisture Detection showed professionalism and concern and by monitoring their installed Mdu Probes, gave us factual account of the real moisture level of our building. Not only do we have a satisfactory result for Auckland city but we have an ongoing ability to monitor our building’s moisture content. I have no reservations recommending MOISTURE DETCTION Company Ltd to monitor the moisture content in your building.

Yours Sincerely

John W

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